Many things happened until yesterday,
Today, another thing will come soon,
It's so grateful to feel everything,
It's like I have a second chance,
To fix them - what I can't do before, somethings I never tried, my fears, my attention, what I really want to do, and relation,
So many...
I stepped up little by little, 
To fix and reach them,
What I want to do, where I want to go,
My life is filled with curiosity,
Like a child in the fifth grade,
Although, I don't know it would be change or not,
I should just try to do it, right?
I hope before I can't smile anymore,
The essential problem, one big problem of my life,
I can fix it clearly, without regret,
Ibarat tabungan rasa,
Semoga nanti tulisan-tulisan ini bisa jadi media penghubung rasa saya,
Karena dengan menulis, kita jadi punya jejak-jejak abadi...


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